Training Philosophy

Our program components are reflected by years of experience in exercise science and proven results! We look forward to enhancing your health, wellness and inner potential. Don’t miss your opportunity to live the life you’ve always imagined!

DSC's Pillars of Excellence: Do No Harm

Safety In The Weight Room | Emphasizing "technical proficiency" in each and every movement

Reduce Injury | Staying healthy to meet the demands of your job/sport

Performance Enhancement | Exercise protocol to get you stronger, powerful and in better condition

DSC Principals of Exercise Design:

Principal of Specificity | Does the exercise meet the demands of the sport
Principal of Overload | Providing appropriate stress/adaptation
Periodization | Training in periods
Cause & Effect | Push/Pull -- Knee dominate/Hip dominate -- symmetry
Bang for your Buck | 20% of your exercise selection will produce 80% of your results
Least Effective Dose | "For every substance, small doses stimulate, moderate doses inhibit & large doses kill." L. Garkavi
3 R's | Repetition...Repetition...Repetition


DSC Workout Components Include (but not limited to):

Each of our workout components is strategically, logistically and individually structured to create a recipe for success. Whether your an athlete participating in our Sport Performance Program or an adult working with Personal Training services... Our programs are methodically planned. The exercise selection, intensity and duration are changed every three weeks to provide a favorable adaptation stimulus.

DSC has trained 1000’s of athletes as well as adult clients. Whether your goal is to feel better, look better or perform better...DSC can provide RESULTS!
Core Exercise Components 

Tissue Quality |Release| → Stretch & Activation |Re-Set|
Mobility |Readiness| → Dynamic Warm Up |Readiness|
Plyometrics |Reactive| → Speed |Reactive|

Strength |Resistance| → Energy System |Resiliency|

 Sport Performance | Athletic Development Philosophy

 “When the hour of performance is here…..the hour of preparation is past.” It is our commitment to make our athletes perform at a higher level! By building a solid athletic foundation of enhanced motor ability, speed, power and strength we enhance performance while simultaneously focusing on injury reduction.

We pride ourselves on RESULTS! Our programs are comprehensive and systemic in nature with fluctuating stress levels. This enables our athletes to consistently adapt to the new stimulus being introduced. Simply put, this allows our athletes to grow and to get stronger. Our Athletic Performance Development programs are nationally known and provide the serious athlete a platform to reach his/her inner potential

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Adult Training Philosophy

Personal Training: Geared towards those individuals or athletes we prefer to work with their very own strength coach

Semi-Private (small group) training offers an atmosphere that is competitive, intense, and FUN with friends and fellow clients pushing one another! Groups are limited to no more than 4 participants with program components including: stretching, plyometrics, weight training, anaerobic conditioning, and accountability. These sessions are FUN and offer excellent RESULTS! Semi-Private training offers personalized programs in a group atmosphere.. We will promote accountability and ensure results! We look forward to enhancing your health, wellness and inner potential. Don’t miss your opportunity to live the life you’ve always imagined!

Metabolic Conditioning Class is perfect for the busy professional looking to take advantage of the weekend. Class size is capped at 12 participants to ensure adequate coach to client ratio. Whether your a first time participant or a "regular", our system provides regressions and progressions for each and every exercise...ensuring both a safe and effective workout!

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What Fellow Professionals Are Saying...

"I can put this quite simply. If you live in the Columbus area and are not training with Anthony Donskov at Donskov Strength & Conditioning, you need to ask yourself "why not". You have world class training right in your own backyard...take advantage of it. You won't find a more committed, more caring coach anywhere in the United States."

Michael Boyle: Co-Founder MBSC (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning)
MBSC was recently named one of America's Top Gyms By Men's Health Magazine and was voted Boston's best Personal Trainers for 2011.


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