Athletic Performance Development

Our programs produce RESULTS! DSC offers unparalleled instruction in exercise protocol, technique, application and design. Athletic Development programs enhance sports performance and reduce the chance of potential injury.

Sport Performance Training:

The Workout | Program Components

Groups are kept small to ensure a low student to Coach ratio. A close attention to technique is monitored and progressive overload is applied. Programs are offered in a 2 & 4 Day Format. Program components include: 

♦ Flexibility: Myofascial Release, Static Stretching & Dynamic Flexibility 

♦ Movement Prep: Corrective Exercise & Mobility -- Full Range of Motion & Movement Proficiency

♦ Speed: Sprint Mechanics, Change of Direction, Acceleration & Deceleration, Running Techniques

♦ Power: Linear/Lateral Plyometric - Upper & Lower Body, Olympic Lifting

♦ Strength: Functional Multi-Joint Movements, Accommodating Resistance & Progressive Overload

♦ Energy Systems: Sport Specific Conditioning to Get You Prepared for Game Day

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Fall 2017 Season | September  11 - November 16 | Registration Open!

Sport Performance  Mon & Thurs | 6:00-7:00pm  $535  Register
Training Options | Fall & Winter Season

Sport Performance Program |SPP|

♦ Frequency & Duration → 2 Day Per Week | Monday's & Thursdays' | 60 minute Sessions ♦

♦ Prerequisites  →  Middle School / High School Student Athletes ♦

♦ Program Overview → Developing Key Components For Sport | Agility, Balance, Coordination, Foundational Strength Building ♦

♦ SPP Feature / Benefits → Nutritional & Supplement Guidance Along w/ Sport Nutrition Take Home Info. ♦

*All Participation is At The Sole Discretion of DSC Staff*

Summer 2017 Season | June 5 - August 17 | In Session

Hear From the Medical Community...

"Anthony has shown intense dedication to training athletes while using the most advanced techniques in his field. His thirst for cutting edge training methods drives his knowledge base. He continually researches the most recent strength and agility techniques and applies them to the individuals he trains. He accurately uses sports specific drills that promote performance enhancement and, more importantly, injury prevention. Although his sports background is ice hockey, his broad knowledge base allows him to successfully train a multitude of athletes from all sports with equal expertise and purpose."

Dr. Robert Whitehead: Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine Columbus, Ohio

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