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Sports Performance Coach Internship

An internship at DSC will dramatically improve your skills as a fitness professional. Internships allow hands-on coaching with up to 60 athletes per day. Our internship is a real life, learn- by- doing experience. During your internship, you will coach middle school, and high school athletes, observe and assist athletes in the following areas of injury reduction and performance enhancement.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Dynamic Warm Up & Flexibility Drills | Speed Development - Linear & Lateral | Plyometric Drills - Linear & Lateral | Olympic Lifting Techniques | Core Training | Core Training | Overall Strength & Conditioning | Daily Setup & Maintenance of Gym | Bi-Monthly Team Meetings

Internship Application

Why an Internship at DSC?

Responsibility and Experience | We assign interns hands-on work/projects to showcase their abilities and provide a good learning experience.

Networking | As an intern you’ll work individually and in a small team with other coaches, providing opportunities to meet and learn from coaches with years of experience and practical application.

Mentoring | Interns will have a mentor assigned to help guide and answer questions during the program.

Feedback | Daily and weekly feedback from DSC staff...interns will meet with staff bi-monthly for an open Q&A session

Camaraderie | Our program offers real-world, hands-on experience in a FUN, team oriented atmosphere.

From an Intern's Perspective...

"It’s hard to summarize the influence the short time at DSC has, and will have, on my personal and professional life. Anthony, Matt, Kyle and Tony are caring & knowledgeable people who have great passion for their field.  Their ability to integrate both scientific knowledge and practical experience with this passion is what creates the unique culture at DSC. Although the time I spent at the facility was short, it was effectively structured to enable a meaningful learning process to take place. Practical experience was carefully integrated with book and peer learning, which ensured that both “WHY?”, “HOW?” and “WHEN?” were understood.  If you are looking to truly start to understand the art and science of strength & conditioning and coaching, this is definitely the place to be!"

Mikhael Horowitz: Hagga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland), BSc of Sports & Leisure Management  Read More

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