There are few teachers who cross the boundaries and are relevant in all walks of life: whether coaching basketball, hockey, football, strength and conditioning, or a business leader looking for better ways to allow others to attain their potential for greatness. All professionals can grow and become more complete individuals/teachers when acting on Coach John Wooden’s wisdom. I had the opportunity to read Coach Wooden’s book: “Wooden On Leadership” and my highlighter almost ran out before I finished the first chapter. Below are his important bits of advice that transcend the word “Coach”. When applied correctly, this information can bring us one step further in our quest for personal greatness.

Coaching Wisdom


Professional Wisdom


Coach Wooden’s wisdom spills over into everything that we do as coaches and leaders. He was always seeking improvement in trying to reach for the impossible, perfection. As Coaches’, we need to take his wisdom and put it into practice measuring our potential for greatness one-step at a time. This is the stamp of a “successful” coach, a word that transcends.


  1. Wooden J, Jamison S, Wooden on Leadership, McGraw-Hill Books, 2005.

Anthony Donskov, MS, CSCS, PES, is a former collegiate and professional hockey player, founder of Donskov Strength and Conditioning Inc., ( and Head Instructor/Director of Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning for The “OV” Hockey School ( He can be reached at