Michelangelo once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  This quote is relevant in multiple circumstances throughout the training process.  Many excellent programs are simple, yet affective, and many diets are simple yet results driven.  Why do we always have to make things so difficult?  Want an easy way to feel better, perform better, and move better?  Ignore the infomercial on TV, return the “supplement of the month” and turn on the tap!  That’s right, water is king!  Skip the sodas, energy drinks, coffee, tea, and other highly caffeinated beverages, and make sure you’re dinking plenty of water (Ok, I love coffee, but I make sure to drink plenty of water).  Here are some interesting facts on hydration from the book entitled “The Body’s Many Cries for Water”.


The Importance of Water in Bodily Function

Dehydration 101

Bottom Line…drink water and stay hydrated.  “Your body needs an absolute minimum of 6-8, 8-ounce glasses of water/day.  The best time to drink water is one glass, 30 min before a meal and 2.5 hours after a meal.  Adjusting water intake to mealtimes prevents the blood from becoming concentrated as a result of food intake.  When the blood becomes concentrated, it draws water from the cells around it.”  We recommend that our athletes drink ½ of their bodyweight in ounces each day to prevent dehydration and maintain appropriate function.  How could something so simple, at times, be so difficult to attain?  Simplicity at it’s finest.




(1) Batmanghelidj, F., The Body’s Many Cries For Water, Global Health Solutions, 1997.