Coach Testimonials

“Anthony and I met a few years ago while taking a course together which led to talking shop, which led to training together, which led to developing a friendship along the way.  He shows more enthusiasm to both honing (& owning) his craft, developing his weaknesses to turn them into strengths, & developing his staff, that only the best in the business possess; you will find few professionals with the type of work ethic and enthusiasm he comes at you with every day.  He will always be looking for ways to get his athletes & his staff better. He knows what it means to be both a leader of Donskov strength, as well as a leader in the industry.  If we have athletes in the Columbus area, then there is no doubt where I will be recommending they go for their off-season training. Better athletes becoming better people.” *

Andrew Hauser ATC, RSCC, PRT
Atlanta Braves
Director of Player Health & Performance

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care" - Theodore Roosevelt. Whether it's an Olympic athlete or a young aspiring athlete, Anthony Donskov CARES tremendously about everyone he works with. And, once you realize how much he CARES about helping his clients become better, you realize just how much he KNOWS in regards to how to help each athlete reach their potential. Anthony's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. His training not only builds a strong/well conditioned athlete, but his approach, more importantly, builds confidence in athletes to believe in their ability to reach new heights. Anthony is a true asset to our USA Hockey Women's National Team program." *

Reagan Carey
USA Hockey: Director, Women's Ice Hockey

 "Anthony possesses every quality you’d want in a great coach. He’s bright, motivational, passionate, disciplined, and hungry to get better. More importantly, he instills these same qualities in the athletes and coaches he interacts with. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to not only learn from Anthony, but to coach along side him. He’s truly one of best coaches in the country. If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, the best thing you could do for your athletic future is to check out Donskov Strength and Conditioning. Your results will speak for themselves." *

Kevin Neeld
President, Endeavor Sports Performance
Strength & Conditioning/Manual Therapist: Philadelphia Flyers Junior Team

Donskov Strength & Conditioning is one of the premier training facilities in the country. The biggest reason for this is its founder and head strength Coach, Anthony Donskov. He has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and detail-oriented coaches in the industry. His passion for continuing to improve as a coach in order to enhance the performance of his athletes is rivaled only by his undeniable core values in which he runs his business.

Every aspect of the comprehensive development of his athletes falls under these core values and the athletes at DCS are immersed into a system of producing results. There is a buy–in from the athletes and a collective culture of exceeding expectations from the coaches and interns. Anthony Donskov is not only developing stronger, faster, and better conditioned athletes; but better young men and women. *

Mark Watts
Director of Education EliteFTS
"I can put this quite simply. If you live in the Columbus area and are not training with Anthony Donskov at Donskov Strength & Conditioning, you need to ask yourself "why not". You have world class training right in your own backyard...take advantage of it. You won't find a more committed, more caring coach anywhere in the United States." *
Michael Boyle: Co-Founder MBSC (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning)
MBSC was recently named one of America's Top Gyms By Men's Health Magazine and was voted Boston's best Personal Trainers for 2011.

"I have had the opportunity to know Anthony Donskov for the last 2 years. During that time I have been really impressed with his passion for Strength & Conditioning. His energy and enthusiasm combined with his relentless work ethic is top notch. If you are an athlete in the Columbus area, I highly recommend Donskov Strength & Conditioning for all of your training." *
Sean Skahan
National Hockey League Strength & Conditioning Coach
Anaheim Ducks

"Anthony has shown intense dedication to training athletes while using the most advanced techniques in his field. His thirst for cutting edge training methods drives his knowledge base. He continually researches the most recent strength and agility techniques and applies them to the individuals he trains. He accurately uses sports specific drills that promote performance enhancement and, more importantly, injury prevention. Although his sports background is ice hockey, his broad knowledge base allows him to successfully train a multitude of athletes from all sports with equal expertise and purpose." *
Dr. Robert Whitehead
Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine Columbus, Ohio

"Anthony has been an excellent coach and resource for my son, who is seeking to improve his hockey-specific strength in order to make his high school team. Anthony is knowledgeable, encouraging, and he stays abreast of the latest training applications. He's open minded enough to change his recommendations if new information warrants it, and he's motivating enough to keep young athletes interested. I'd recommend Donskov Strength and Conditioning to athletes or active people of any age who are seeking to improve their strength and fitness level." *
Dr. Mitch Kanter
Sports Nutritionist and Physical Performance Health Expert, Wayzata, Minnesota

“Having Anthony work with our teams was a huge benefit to our kids and our program. My U18 players really took to Anthony’s passion and knowledge of hockey conditioning. The players benefited immensely from the in season maintenance program he ran for us. I can tell you his program reduced our time lost due to injury plus it had a positive influence on our game conditioning.” *
Ed Gingher
Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Program Coordinator
U18 Head Coach

"I can't emphasize enough how important the Dryland Training we received from Donskov Conditioning was to our success this year. Our Skating, Stamina, and Power were all increased this year, leading to the winningest season in our 29 year history. We were able to maintain a high level of play throughout the entire game and be more physical due to our added strength and conditioning. I would recommend Anthony Donskov and his team at Donskov Conditioning to any team wanting to improve their chance for success." *
John Graham
Head Coach, Upper Arlington High School
"On behalf of the Westerville High School Hockey Association (WHSHA), I am writing to you...
Prior to starting our 2006-07 high school hockey season, our club had committed 22 players to attend your 6-week off-ice conditioning program. Your intense workouts took place in a very positive and fun environment where team camaraderie amongst our players was strongly encouraged. At the start of our regular hockey season, our Varsity Warcats team enjoyed a 10 game undefeated streak that in part could be contributed to the physical preparedness of our players, and the benefit of off-ice conditioning. By season end, our club had seen its penalty minutes reduced significantly over last year due to improved strength, endurance, and decreased on-ice fatigue. Thank you for a job well done. We are very pleased with the results, and would not hesitate to recommend your program to other organizations." *
Douglas H. Drescher
President, WHSHA 2006-08

"Fantastic! Is my one word to describe our organizations experience with Donskov Strength and Conditioning. After last season we knew that we needed a better conditioned team that would be able to compete every night during our long demanding club season. I can tell you that after three months of training with DSC, our players are are performing at a higher level. They are much stronger, faster and their endurance level has improved 100%. I can tell you that after working in and being around pro, college and high school hockey over the past 20 years the DSC staff do things right. Their attention to detail and knowledge of maximizing player performance is the best in the business. I would highly recommend them for any athlete or team. I can guarantee you a great experience." *
Mark Mead
Head Coach, PHA Prowlers Hockey Club
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