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"Anthony, Matt and everyone at Donskov strength and conditioning has created programs and a culture that is truly unmatched. These guys are truly determined and committed to reaching your personal goals and aspirations. It was a blessing having the opportunity to collaborate with everyone at DSC through being a intern. I got to see first hand how much the team honestly cares not just about developing the clients to the fullest, but also growing you as a coach and your knowledge of the field. It turns a internship into a family, and I am extremely grateful for the rewarding experience that the DSC family has given to me that will last a lifetime."

Luke Green-Lauber,  Otterbein University BSc. Exercise Science & Health Promotion 2019 / Football

“Interning at DSC taught me to dig deep and strive to truly understand the science behind everything that took place within the weight room. DSC’s internship program not only taught me about exercise science, but it taught me how to work with people which will be imperative for any future coaching or life endeavors. Through the combination of hands on coaching, assigned projects, and routine feedback this internship has taught me more about coaching and strength and conditioning than any class I have taken. In terms in my future career aspirations, I couldn’t imagine having a better staff to learn from or having a more beneficial summer than I did through this internship program.” 

Rebecca Freiburger,  The Ohio State University BSc. Exercise Science 2019 / Women's Ice Hockey

"First and foremost I want to thank Anthony, Matt, and Ben for one of the most influential experiences of my life. It would take much more than a couple of paragraphs to really explain what they did for me during my internship at DSC. From the moment you walk into their doors you are part of a family. While they expect a great deal from their interns and employees, you can expect just as much from them. The coaches made every experience a teaching opportunity, and assigned a curriculum that worked hand in hand with the practical experience you gain while coaching. So while I learned a system, which is the best exercise programming I've ever experienced, I was also learning the art of being a transformational coach. I was told during my interview that athletes won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I witnessed this watching the staff interact with athletes and parents, but also in the way they interacted with me. They truly cared about my development and held me to extremely high standards, and I cannot thank them enough for it. My internship at Donskov Strength and Conditioning built the foundation I needed to begin a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach." *

Connor Graham,  Bowling Green State University BSc. Exercise Science 2015

 "My time at DSC was an experience that I will never forget.  The atmosphere, the passion, the knowledge, and the experience that Anthony and Matt presented to their clientele are second to none, not to mention the elite caliber coaching they delivered on a daily basis to their clients. DSC offers you a world of resources in the form of continuing education to help further your career and passion, and they afforded to me a wealth of opportunities to grow and mature into a person who is confident and prepared to coach and teach to elites of all calibers.  DSC delivers world-class results from world-class individuals and I couldn't think of a better place to have interned at." *

Ian Wright,  The Ohio State University BSc. Exercise Science Education 2015

"I would first like to thank Anthony and Matthew Donskov for providing me the opportunity to intern with them and their fine staff. This has been an unforgettable summer and I am forever grateful for this life changing experience."

"There is a motto at Donskov Strength and Conditioning that is buzzing around: #DSCFamily. This passionate and caring family culture that is ubiquitous at DSC is a tribute to the working staff there. Anthony, Matt, Kyle, and Tony are excellent coaches who care deeply for their clientele. The internship experience is one where you earn the right to coach. Hard work, passion, and a sincere care for people are the driving factors to earning that right. This has been a truly great lesson because these character traits abound inside the walls of DSC. Not only was I provided an opportunity to experience these traits from the coaches daily, but I was also able to express my true self to aid in the maturing process of these young athletes. A coach and his or her athletes are the product of their environment, whether positive or negative. A coach sets the stage. At DSC the athletes and adult clientele thrive in this environment. The system works not only because of the proven scientific evidence, but because of this passion for excellence. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who aspires to become a COACH. You will learn how to coach and that coaching comes from the heart. The DSC Family inspires you to be great in all facets of life." *

Michael Lacasto,  University of Miami MSc. Education-Exercise Physiology (2016), University of Wisconsin BSc. Kinesiology

It’s hard to summarize the influence the short time at DSC has, and will have, on my personal and professional life. Anthony, Matt, Kyle and Tony are caring & knowledgeable people who have great passion for their field. Their ability to integrate both scientific knowledge and practical experience with this passion is what creates the unique culture at DSC. Although the time I spent at the facility was short, it was effectively structured to enable a meaningful learning process to take place. Practical experience was carefully integrated with book and peer learning, which ensured that both “WHY?”, “HOW?” and “WHEN?” were understood. If you are looking to truly start to understand the art and science of strength & conditioning and coaching, this is definitely the place to be! *

Mikhael Horowitz: Hagga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland), BSc of Sports & Leisure Management

The DSC internship introduced me to not only strength and conditioning concepts, but practical knowledge of those concepts. Anthony, Matt, Kyle, and Tony are great coaches and people who are always willing to provide guidance. These men show so much excitement and sincere passion towards everyday tasks. That attitude translates into each athlete that walks through the doors, and has fueled my fire to become a better coach, athletic trainer, scholar, and person. The DSC staff showed me how much of an impact I can have on the athletes in and out of the gym. I’ve learned a tremendous amount that I can apply to anything from athletic development to rehab. The quality experience I gained throughout the internship is unmatched. If you are looking for an internship that will challenge you in multiple aspects of coaching and life…this is it. *

Benjamin LaGard: Ball State University, BSc. Athletic Training

From the moment I walked in the doors, I knew my time at DSC was going to be special. Anthony and Matt Donskov, as well as the entire staff, permeate the room with their passion for people and knowledge within the industry. I was blown away by the culture at DSC. It is a place where people are respected and actually listened to, rather than an environment where people just wait for their turn to speak. I believe that speaks to the character and values that DSC places paramount. The extent to which I learned from the staff is incalculable. Anthony Donskov blends theory and application perfectly to create a formula for success: whether it's on the field, on the ice, on the court, or in personal relationships. At DSC, you will not be viewed as a number or statistic. You will be treated like family, while simultaneously being offered the highest quality training that exists. Whether to learn, grow or physically train, DSC is the quintessential facility for development. My tremendous experience at DSC is the basis for my high recommendation for future athletes and interns. *

Jonathon Steckel: Cedarville University, BSc. Exercise Science

My summer internship at DSC was all I had expected and more. Every day I walked in to the facility knowing I was going to have fun and learn while doing so. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Interning at DSC has helped me grow as a person... learning things that will help with school as well as outside the classroom. It also helped me direct my path for my future after college. *

Jeremy Schmidt: University of Kentucky ,BSc. Exercise Science

I can confidently say that my time as an intern at DSC was the most valuable experience I have had in the strength and conditioning field. Anthony told me the day I walked in that if I wanted my time at DSC to be “game-changer”, it could be. While the hands-on experience was priceless and crucial to my growth as a Coach, it was the personal and professional experience that I learned from Anthony, Matt, and the other Coaches that made my time at DSC special. Their passion for the success of each athlete, not only in athletics but in life as a whole, fuels and energizes every person that walks into the facility. It was this display of positivity and devotion to success that I will always remember. I’m proud to say that thanks to Anthony, Matt, the Coaches, and every athlete that I had the privilege of working with this spring, my internship at DSC was definitely a “game-changer”. *

Chris La Croix: Cedarville University, BSc. Exercise Science

"Intelligent, driven, passionate, and sincere… These are just a few characteristics of the many that describe the men of DSC, Anthony and Matt Donskov. The moment you step foot inside the facility, you are engulfed by an environment of overwhelming positivity, hard work, but most of all, success and results. Having the opportunity to intern with DSC over the summer of 2012 has completely changed my life. The amount of knowledge and practical experience I have gained by “being in the trenches” is immeasurable and has paved the way for my future success. Through their investment, Anthony and Matt Donskov have provided me with the path to achieve my personal and professional goals of being a coach and mentor. After all, a coach’s responsibility is not confined to coaching technique, but also being able to coach, teach, and lead an athlete through life inside and outside of the weight room. I would personally like to thank Anthony and Matt Donskov, fellow interns, and the athletes for not only helping me to become a better coach, but for helping me to become a better person as well. I would highly recommend the internship program at DSC to any individual who is interested in having someone invest as much into their future success as they are themselves." *

Tony Farina: The Ohio State University, BSc. Human Nutrition

"Interning at DSC was an amazing experience. The practical experience you will acquire in this internship cannot be found in any textbook or college classroom. My time under Anthony Donskov was crucial to my personal and professional development and has set me on the right path to achieving my goals. If you are passionate and willing to work, Anthony will invest in your success and do whatever he can to make you a better coach. I could not have asked for a better teacher, mentor, and friend than Anthony Donskov." *

Anthony Iannarino: University of Dayton, BSc. Exercise Physiology

"My internship at DSC was an invaluable experience. The vast array of athletes as well as responsibilities allowed me to acquire knowledge I could not have received in a typical educational setting. In addition to the strength and condition knowledge, I grew as a professional with the guidance from Anthony and Matt Donskov. They truly care about each intern as a person as well as a professional. If you invest in the opportunity they will position you for success. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Anthony and Matt and look forward to maintaining our relationships and further learning from them. I highly recommend this experience to anyone aspiring to succeed in the strength and conditioning field." *

Sean Sward: University of Dayton, BSc. Exercise Physiology

"My experience as an intern at Donskov Strength and Conditioning was more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. Anthony and Matt showed me how to be a true professional. I cannot say enough about how they have helped me in my career path and how much they taught me when I was there. Anthony is one of the best coaches out there and it was awesome that he was willing to answer any of my questions considering programming and training. Also, the athletes that we trained were some of the most dedicated and fun to work with that I've ever been around. It was very exciting to come to work everyday and watch them improve, as well as improving ourselves as coaches. I am truly greatful for my experience at Donskov Strength and Conditioning and believe that it is the best place to start a career as a strength coach." *

Mitch Therriault: University of Dayton, BSc. Exercise Physiology

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