Get the results you desire at Donskov Strength & Conditioning. Read what clients and fellow professionals have to say ...

“Training with Anthony and Matt at Donskov Strength and Conditioning has helped me become a better athlete both physically and mentally. Their wealth of knowledge in providing individual workouts, health, recovery, and injury rehab has helped me become a complete wrestler. I have had many injuries during my career. Anthony and his staff have not only helped pervious injuries become non issues but they also help prevent injuries from occurring. I am excited to be a part of DSC and am looking forward to working with them for years to come. My goals are to become a world and Olympic champ and DSC is pushing me to reach them.” *

Angel Escobedo
2010: Gold Medalist, Ziolkowski
2010: Bronze Medalist, Heydar Aliyev Golden Grand Prix
2010: University World Team Trials Champion
2010: World Team Trials Finalist
Indiana University Male Althlete of the Year
NCAA National Title
4x All-American Indiana Uiversity
"DSC are masters at their craft. I do not throw that out there lightly. I have worked with numerous strength & conditioning coaches from THE Ohio State University to the Olympic Training Center. They take special & specific care of each athlete in an extremely intelligent way. The way DSC tailor makes workout plans based on your individual body structure is impressive. Specifically, Anthony Donskov (or Anth), goes the extra mile to do things as safely as possible. Including their elite mobility warm-up to stretching sown into a lift, DSC perfectly balances hard work with smart training." *
JD Bergman
2013: US World Team Trials Champion... US Open Champion
2012: Ziolkowski International Champion
2012: Fourth in US Olympic Team Trials
2012: Third in Yasr Dogu International
2011: Fifth in Buryatia Republic President's Cup
2010: New York AC International Champion
3x All-American The Ohio State University

“Training at Donskov Strength and Conditioning has really been a blessing. Anthony and Matt, as well as the rest of the staff, are very knowledgeable about the types of training I need and how to tailer it to me specifically! Throughout my wrestling career strength training has been very important and I felt like I knew how to manage my own plan. Coming to Donskov SC I have had my training philosophy tested and have become better from it. I am sold that these guys have my best interests in mind and are always seeking to make improvements to the way they train me.” *

Tervel Dlagnev
2014: US Open National Champion 125KG
2013: Fifth in World Championships
2013: US World Team Trials Champion
2013: US Open Champion
2013: World Cup Silver Medalist
2012: New York AC International Champion
2012: Fifth in Olympic Games
2012: US Olympic Team Trials Champion
2012: Pan American Championships Gold Medalist
2009 World Champion (Gold)

"Training with Anthony and Matt at Donskov Strength and Conditioning has been a real privilege. The DSC staff's knowledge of strength and conditioning along with their ability to adapt their program to fit my personal needs has been essential in my progress as an athlete. At DSC I am given the opportunity to follow a training plan specifically designed to enhance my performance on the mat, and I have no doubt that this training will ultimately give me a leg up on the rest of the competition." *


Keith Gavin

2014 US Open National Champion 84KG

2013 US Open National Champion 84kg

US National Freestyle Wrestling Team

University of Pittsburgh Wrestling -- Sixth on All-Time on Win List

NCAA National Champion 2008: 174lbs Weight Class

Two Time All-American

2008 University Freestyle Nationals & World Team Trial Champion

Bronze Medalist in the 2008 World University Wrestling Championships

"I have been working with Anthony for over a year and have noticed a significant difference in my overall conditioning on and off the ice. Anthony has pushed me not only to continue to play at the National Level but has provided me with the right tools and outlook to become a better player. I can't thank Anthony enough for his continued dedication." *
Lisa Chesson
US Women's National Hockey Team
2013 World Champion (Gold)
2010 Olympic Winter Games Silver Medallist
2009 World Champion (Gold)
Former Ohio State University Women's Hockey

"I have had the pleasure of training with Anthony and Matt at Donskov Strength and Conditioning while injured over a month’s time. They understand the importance of personalized workouts, which helped me to push myself to become a stronger, more efficient athlete translating to my play on the ice. Along with strength building and endurance training, they provided me with helpful injury prevention exercises that will keep me playing healthy. With a great training atmosphere and guidance to accomplish my goals, I am happy to say that Donskov Strength and Conditioning is where I train whenever I am home in Columbus." *
Connor Murphy
Phoenix Coyotes: NHL / Portland Pirates: AHL
Pheonix Coyotes 1st Round Pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft
Member of the USA World Junior 2013 Gold Medal Team
"I give credit to Anthony who has physically prepared me for every obstacle that I face. In racing the physical demands are far different than any other sport, which require a trainer with great adaptability and a creative imagination . Not only has Anthony fulfilled both of these tasks but he has become a great friend of mine in the process." *
Graham Rahal
IZOD Indycar Series Driver

"I have had the opportunity to train with Anthony and it was a contributing factor to my success as a professional athlete. He challenged me using specific training methods for ice hockey which pushed me towards reaching my ultimate goal of playing in the National Hockey League. Anthony brings a certain dedication and intensity that is unmatched in the field of sports training. Thanks Anthony, for pushing me to performance levels I never thought possible from myself." *
Pat Leahy
Linz EHC, Austrian Elite League
Former: Nashville Predators, NHL
Former: Boston Bruins, NHL

"Training with Anthony Donskov in the summer has helped me to increase both strength and speed. The work that we have done will be integral for me to make a good impression in training camp. Anthony’s knowledge, passion, and commitment to helping me in the summer has been greatly appreciated." *
Mike Glumac
Zagreb Medvescak, KHL
Former: Mannheim Eagles, DEL
Former: St. Louis Blues, NHL

"The entire DSC Team is qualifed and motivated to attain the best out of their athletes. Brendan has gained almost 20 lbs in one year and his strength and endurance continue to improve. If you haven't tried DSC, then you are wasting your money and time with other programs. *
Wes Kremer
Parent of Athlete: Competitive Hockey Player

"My boys started to enjoy the game of hockey at a very young age and were lucky to have the Donskov's teach and guide them. Years later, hockey is now their passion and being athletes, training is a crucial piece of their daily lives. Anthony and Matthew have customized strength & conditioning workouts for them which has had tremendous results both physically as well as mentally. They know how to motivate, they know how to achieve results and goals and they certainly know what excellence and success is all about. I feel extremely fortunate that my family has had the opportunity to cross paths with the very best! *

Roger Sherwood: Parent of Kiefer & Kole Sherwood (Miami Redhawks & London Knights, OHL)

"As a parent, I have been very impressed with Donskov Strength and Conditioning and Donskov Hockey Development. Anthony, Matt and the entire training staff have been a great positive influence on my son Matt. Not only has he added speed, strength and size, the positive mental aspects and outstanding role modeling should not be overlooked. As President of Prowler Hockey Association, I appreciate the customized team training they have provided for our athletes and the influence they have had on team chemistry and attitudes. DSC is a real asset that the Columbus hockey community is fortunate to have." *

Dan Rapp: President PHA Prowler Hockey Association

"I would like to say again, Thanks!!!, to Anthony, Matt and the rest of the crew at DSC. My son Chris thoroughly enjoys working out at DSC. I can see a huge improvement in him athletically and in his mental maturity. Keep up the good work." *

Brian Henestofel: Parent of Varsity HS Player

"Our son has been working at DSC for 7 months. He has seen a marked increase in his strength while healing old injuries and not getting new ones. His skating has improved as a result. The staff relates well to teenagers and he comes home wanting to do more. DSC is also able to work around busy schedules." *

C. Potter: Parent of competitive Figure Skater

"I started training with Anthony six months after I had surgery to repair a fully torn ACL and meniscus in my right leg. At first I thought that the training would only benefit my rehabilitation, but DSC has mad e a huge impact on my overall strength and conditioning. Anthony’s attention to detail and passion for getting the best out of his clients make every workout worthwhile. This summer I participated in 90 minute DSC workouts four times a week and the progress I made clearly shows. Anthony’s enthusiasm and coaching created an atmosphere that made me look forward to coming to work hard and train every day. I am more confident in my surgically repaired leg than ever before and I am a stronger and quicker basketball player on the floor because of the work I put in at DSC. As an athlete I look forward to working with Anthony because I know that I am not only going to get a great workout, but also a smart one. His coaching and dedication have put me on the path to be stronger than I was before I tore my ACL, as well as having a successful basketball season." *

Jim Bennett
Granville High School Varsity Basketball

"Over the past few years I have had the privilege of training with Anthony, and have seen many strides of improvement. Working out with Anthony over the summer has been a great experience which has physically and mentally prepared me for whatever challenge I may face. His hockey specific workouts target what I personally need to work on to become a better player, and I have benefited immensely from that. Each day I look forward to my work out not only because they are fun and valuable, but Anthony has become a good friend of mine as well." *
Blake Edwards
Tufts University, Divsion III NESCAC
St. Louis Bandits, NAHL, Junior "A"

"If you're going to take working out seriously, you need more than a highquality facility and equipment. You need a high quality program, a high quality trainer, and motivated athletes all working together. I am thankful to say that I have found all of these at DSC and can't say enough about how much I have benefitted from working with Anthony Donskov. I have worked out hard over the summer before, but nothing I have done has compared with the training program at DSC. Anthony knows what is best for you as an athlete and will push you to your limits accordingly. I have become a much stronger and faster athlete because of this experience and I do not believe I could have achieved this much anywhere else. It really is a world-class facility backed by a world-class trainer and I would do nothing less than recommend the program at DSC to anyone that wishes to excel as an athlete. I look forward to working with Anthony again this fall during the upcoming hockey season." *
Clayton Thomas
Texas Tornado NAHL, Junior A

“Training with Donskov Strength and Conditioning has allowed me to obtain my goals as an athlete. The Athletic Performance Development Program allowed me to train every aspect of my sport as closely as possible. Anthony not only makes training a challenge he makes it fun. I have been training with Donskov Strength and Conditioning for a year and a half and I have seen the results first hand. I have become a bigger, faster, and stronger athlete. Anthony will push his athletes as hard as they can train and always brings the same intensity into his gym day in and day out. I look forward to each and every workout. I have never found such a complex workout like the workouts provided at DSC. This is the best training I have found anywhere. Anthony is a great person and a great friend and I will continue to train at DSC for the rest of my hockey career, and for years to come.” *
Michael Matthes
New Mexico Mustangs, NAHL, Junior "A"

"Donskov Strength and Conditioning is the best place any athlete can go to train. I have trained with DSC since 2008, shortly after he first started DSC. I have been able to see DSC grow into what it has become today, a truly elite strength and conditioning program. The workouts at DSC are not your average workout. Every workout created has a science behind it. They are designed this way to prevent injury, build power and strength, and all-in-all make a better overall athlete. Any athlete who is serious about taking their sport to the next level should be training at DSC with Anthony and Matt Donskov." *
Marky Damante
Former: U18 AAA Ohio Blue Jackets

I have been with DSC for the past 9 years, and I can't possibly say enough about the quality experience I have had there. The athletic development programs are fun and incredibly beneficial. The coaching is second to none. Every trainer is not only well educated, but articulate and able to communicate efficiently the way in which each exercise should be performed to reduce injury and increase resistance. I've played competitive ice hockey at both the high school (DeSales) and college (Syracuse Univeristy) levels, and the training I received at DSC has always left me with a significant strength advantage. All the guys there are like a second family, and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. If you're in Columbus and looking for real, top tier athletic training, I implore you to look no further. I can sincerely guarantee that a better place simply does not exist. *
Gordon Jones
Former Collegiate Hockey Player: Syracuse Orange, ACHA

"I really had a great time working out at DSC. Coach Anthony really interacted and motivated us through the entire workout. I believed this really helped me out with my hockey and football. It also gave me more confidence, made me a stronger, faster, and a more physical player on the ice and on the field. Thanks coach Anthony for a great summer." *
Hunter Shepherd
Olentangy Orange HS Hockey, Football & Track

"Anthony didn't just motivate me, he pushed me to work harder and harder each
day I went. It was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again." *
Jake Shepherd
Olentangy Organge HS Hockey

"My son, Mark, is 15 years old and has worked out with Anthony for just over a year. The gains Mark has made with Anthony have far exceeded my expectations. Mark actually has gotten stronger at one or more lifts at every workout. Anthony has an intensity of focus, an attention to detail and incessant positive attitude that has motivated my son to work harder and harder and look forward to doing it. Anthony loves what he does and it clearly rubs off on his students. I have had many people ask me what I have been feeding my son, and I tell them, Donskov Strength & Conditioning." *
Mark Damante
Parent of Athlete

"My 17 year old son Jim began training with Anthony after he had five surgeries to repair a compound fracture to his one leg and a full ACL and Lateral Meniscus tear to the other leg. After missing two seasons of basketball due to his injuries, I wanted Jim to be able to play without injury his senior year. As a NASM licensed personal trainer myself, I spoke with Anthony regarding giving Jim a solid foundation to promote injury reduction. Anthony explained his program to reduce sporting injuries which included conditioning drills that increased the strength of the muscles surrounding Jim’s knees. Jim began the program and immediately began making improvements. I saw Jim make his comeback in basketball during the Central Ohio Shootout in July and was amazed at his speed, strength and most of all confidence. When I asked him how he played without fear, he said it was due to DSC. He was confident in his body and his abilities based on the training he received working with Anthony both privately and in a group setting. I am thrilled with Jim’s results and cannot thank Anthony enough for his help getting Jim back to his game. It has been a very tough two years for Jim and he needed the help of a professional to return him to his former self. Anthony made this happen!" *
Sarah Parker
Parent of Athlete

"Anthony Donskov spent last summer training my 12 year old son, Jake for off-ice conditioning. Jake wanted to increase his speed and stamina on the ice for the upcoming hockey season. At the beginning of the summer, Anthony pointed out 3 key areas to focus on and then proceeded to do just that. Anthony's approach to improving physical conditioning goes beyond any expectation I might have had. He approaches an individuals conditioning by providing the most up to date strength and agility exercises and has the patience to make sure techniques are perfect. Anthony's knowledge of client safety and well being eliminates the risk of injury and enable the client to give 110% in a safe environment. Anthony surrounds himself with experts who can provide additional knowledge such as nutritional guidance to make a complete workout package. Last summer did wonders for Jake both on and off the ice and I know he is looking forward to working with Anthony for many years to come." *
Alan F. Hoffmann
Proud Parent of Jake
Immediate Past President, Newark Ice Hockey Association
President, Newark Sport and Event Commission

“My 12 year old son Mark, a AAA level hockey player, began working with Anthony earlier in the year with his hockey team. As summer approached and we began to prepare for the next season, I knew one area of development for Mark was to increase his strength, so we turned to Anthony. Mark and two of his teammates worked as a group with Anthony over the course of ten sessions, and I cannot believe the difference it has made in Mark's physical condition! He is stronger, much more able to control his body on and off the ice, and even looks more muscular. However, there is an even more important piece I'd like to comment on…Anthony has helped to instill/reinforce such a strong work ethic in my son and the other boys. He does a tremendous job of coupling hard work, listening and discipline with a sense of fun, positive reinforcement and high energy! This balance is so necessary for young men and women to be motivated to work hard, and I truly believe that it is as important to his clients' success as is all the education and experience that Anthony brings to the table. Mark left his sessions this summer stronger, motivated, and with a stronger sense of confidence. We can't wait for next summer!” *
Renee Heneman
Parent of Athlete

"My son Jesse, now a high school junior goalie, had participated in the Donskov family hockey camps dating back to his squirt days so it was an easy decision to try DSC. Now years later Jesse hasn't missed a session! Jesse has gained a "physical confidence" that I know has carried over into everything he does, beyond the tremendous strides in his hockey game. I have witnessed his progress over the years and I am just amazed. DSC has instilled in him a whole philosophy about training from the nutritional aspects to the mental focus it takes to be your best and it has all been great fun in the process. Jesse now considers himself an honorary Donskov brother. As a parent you hope there will be role models that shape your son or daughter in a positive way and that is exactly what you will get with DSC. I can't say enough about this program." *
Brenda Nusbaum
Parent of Competitive Hockey Player

"Donskov Strength & Conditioning is A+++++ I wouldn't send my teenager anywhere else for athletic training. Not only did my son get the necessary care and focus for proper conditioning, he was also surrounded by fantastic role models in leadership, teamwork and basic respect. My son's experience has been superb." *
Louise Elliot
Parent of Competitive Hockey Player

"I can't say enough about DSC and the experience my son Jesse has had working with Anthony and Matt and the other trainers. He has been going to DSC for three years now and has not only grown physically, but mentally. When your kid has a smile on his face after every workout we know we are in the right place. We have a great appreciation for DSC and what they are teaching Jesse about proper conditioning as well as teaching him the benefits of good nutrition. When it comes to deciding on a facility for sports conditioning and training, hands down it's DSC." *
Kellie Walz
Parent of Competitive Hockey Player

"My daughter Lexi is 13 years old and a competitive figure skater. Anthony started working with her almost two years ago. Our goal was to increase power and stamina. Anthony brought every training aspect and tailored it to her spefic needs. We could not have asked for anything better. Anthony is professional but also makes the training fun. Now Lexi has explosive power in her jumps and can skate her programs without being fatigued. Thank You Anthony for giving us your time and expertise." *
Christine Eggleston
Competitive Figure Skaterhidroclorotiazida 25 mg dosis

“Anthony and I met a few years ago while taking a course together which led to talking shop, which led to training together, which led to developing a friendship along the way.  He shows more enthusiasm to both honing (& owning) his craft, developing his weaknesses to turn them into strengths, & developing his staff, that only the best in the business possess; you will find few professionals with the type of work ethic and enthusiasm he comes at you with every day.  He will always be looking for ways to get his athletes & his staff better. He knows what it means to be both a leader of Donskov strength, as well as a leader in the industry.  If we have athletes in the Columbus area, then there is no doubt where I will be recommending they go for their off-season training. Better athletes becoming better people.” *

Andrew Hauser ATC, RSCC, PRT
Atlanta Braves
Director of Player Health & Performance

"Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care" - Theodore Roosevelt. Whether it's an Olympic athlete or a young aspiring athlete, Anthony Donskov CARES tremendously about everyone he works with. And, once you realize how much he CARES about helping his clients become better, you realize just how much he KNOWS in regards to how to help each athlete reach their potential. Anthony's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. His training not only builds a strong/well conditioned athlete, but his approach, more importantly, builds confidence in athletes to believe in their ability to reach new heights. Anthony is a true asset to our USA Hockey Women's National Team program." *

Reagan Carey
USA Hockey: Director, Women's Ice Hockey

 "Anthony possesses every quality you’d want in a great coach. He’s bright, motivational, passionate, disciplined, and hungry to get better. More importantly, he instills these same qualities in the athletes and coaches he interacts with. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to not only learn from Anthony, but to coach along side him. He’s truly one of best coaches in the country. If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, the best thing you could do for your athletic future is to check out Donskov Strength and Conditioning. Your results will speak for themselves." *

Kevin Neeld
President, Endeavor Sports Performance
Strength & Conditioning/Manual Therapist: Philadelphia Flyers Junior Team

Donskov Strength & Conditioning is one of the premier training facilities in the country. The biggest reason for this is its founder and head strength Coach, Anthony Donskov. He has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and detail-oriented coaches in the industry. His passion for continuing to improve as a coach in order to enhance the performance of his athletes is rivaled only by his undeniable core values in which he runs his business.

Every aspect of the comprehensive development of his athletes falls under these core values and the athletes at DCS are immersed into a system of producing results. There is a buy–in from the athletes and a collective culture of exceeding expectations from the coaches and interns. Anthony Donskov is not only developing stronger, faster, and better conditioned athletes; but better young men and women. *

Mark Watts
Director of Education EliteFTS
"I can put this quite simply. If you live in the Columbus area and are not training with Anthony Donskov at Donskov Strength & Conditioning, you need to ask yourself "why not". You have world class training right in your own backyard...take advantage of it. You won't find a more committed, more caring coach anywhere in the United States." *
Michael Boyle: Co-Founder MBSC (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning)
MBSC was recently named one of America's Top Gyms By Men's Health Magazine and was voted Boston's best Personal Trainers for 2011.

"I have had the opportunity to know Anthony Donskov for the last 2 years. During that time I have been really impressed with his passion for Strength & Conditioning. His energy and enthusiasm combined with his relentless work ethic is top notch. If you are an athlete in the Columbus area, I highly recommend Donskov Strength & Conditioning for all of your training." *
Sean Skahan
National Hockey League Strength & Conditioning Coach
Anaheim Ducks
Co-Owner; www.hockeysc.com

"Anthony has shown intense dedication to training athletes while using the most advanced techniques in his field. His thirst for cutting edge training methods drives his knowledge base. He continually researches the most recent strength and agility techniques and applies them to the individuals he trains. He accurately uses sports specific drills that promote performance enhancement and, more importantly, injury prevention. Although his sports background is ice hockey, his broad knowledge base allows him to successfully train a multitude of athletes from all sports with equal expertise and purpose." *
Dr. Robert Whitehead
Board Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine Columbus, Ohio

"Anthony has been an excellent coach and resource for my son, who is seeking to improve his hockey-specific strength in order to make his high school team. Anthony is knowledgeable, encouraging, and he stays abreast of the latest training applications. He's open minded enough to change his recommendations if new information warrants it, and he's motivating enough to keep young athletes interested. I'd recommend Donskov Strength and Conditioning to athletes or active people of any age who are seeking to improve their strength and fitness level." *
Dr. Mitch Kanter
Sports Nutritionist and Physical Performance Health Expert, Wayzata, Minnesota

“Having Anthony work with our teams was a huge benefit to our kids and our program. My U18 players really took to Anthony’s passion and knowledge of hockey conditioning. The players benefited immensely from the in season maintenance program he ran for us. I can tell you his program reduced our time lost due to injury plus it had a positive influence on our game conditioning.” *
Ed Gingher
Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Program Coordinator
U18 Head Coach

"I can't emphasize enough how important the Dryland Training we received from Donskov Conditioning was to our success this year. Our Skating, Stamina, and Power were all increased this year, leading to the winningest season in our 29 year history. We were able to maintain a high level of play throughout the entire game and be more physical due to our added strength and conditioning. I would recommend Anthony Donskov and his team at Donskov Conditioning to any team wanting to improve their chance for success." *
John Graham
Head Coach, Upper Arlington High School
"On behalf of the Westerville High School Hockey Association (WHSHA), I am writing to you...
Prior to starting our 2006-07 high school hockey season, our club had committed 22 players to attend your 6-week off-ice conditioning program. Your intense workouts took place in a very positive and fun environment where team camaraderie amongst our players was strongly encouraged. At the start of our regular hockey season, our Varsity Warcats team enjoyed a 10 game undefeated streak that in part could be contributed to the physical preparedness of our players, and the benefit of off-ice conditioning. By season end, our club had seen its penalty minutes reduced significantly over last year due to improved strength, endurance, and decreased on-ice fatigue. Thank you for a job well done. We are very pleased with the results, and would not hesitate to recommend your program to other organizations." *
Douglas H. Drescher
President, WHSHA 2006-08

"Fantastic! Is my one word to describe our organizations experience with Donskov Strength and Conditioning. After last season we knew that we needed a better conditioned team that would be able to compete every night during our long demanding club season. I can tell you that after three months of training with DSC, our players are are performing at a higher level. They are much stronger, faster and their endurance level has improved 100%. I can tell you that after working in and being around pro, college and high school hockey over the past 20 years the DSC staff do things right. Their attention to detail and knowledge of maximizing player performance is the best in the business. I would highly recommend them for any athlete or team. I can guarantee you a great experience." *
Mark Mead
Head Coach, PHA Prowlers Hockey Club

The DSC staff is amazing. Anthony, Matt, Tony and Kyle create an environment that is highly motivating. With individualized programming and coaching that focuses on safe and proper movements they are able to instill confidence in and get the best out of their clients and athletes. *

Patty Iannarino

The training and support here are exceptional! Tony and Kyle are friendly, smart and focus on good form and safe movements. The workouts are challenging and fun, and no matter your skill level they scale the workouts to your level. Hands down my favorite place to workout. The people who workout here are amazing too! *

Nicole DuGranrut

"Working with Kyle has been such a wonderful experience! I am making a lot of progress and Kyle is a great teacher and guide. I am especially impressed by his knowledge and experience and really trust that the plan he has developed for me is right. I have been working with Kyle since the beginning of the year and plan to keep going for a long time. On top of it, DSC is a really uplifting, encouraging environment to work out in and I am perpetually renewed each time I go. I look forward to my sessions each week and am positive that everyone else there feels the same way." *

Concetta Blechschmidt

"It is very simple: if you want to be the best, you got to train with the best. Anthony and his staff are just that. I have been training with DSC for the last three years and have been able to elevate my strength and fitness level each year. I have recommended DSC to everyone of my friends and will continue to do so!" *

Helmut Berthold

“I have had a wonderful training experience at DSC. Anthony truly goes above and beyond to make his clients feel encouraged, motivated and supported every step of the way towards reaching their goals. I have lost 20 lbs since I started training with him. When I started training it was only 2 times a week, but I increased to 3 times a week because I was feeling stronger and just wanted to continue to improve my capacity. The best part about my program is that setting goals has been an easy part of my weight loss. Anthony will ask: “ Do your actions match your goals?” I feel much better, stronger and will continue to work out! It has now become part of my routine.” *

Alba Arellano

"I am 55 years old and I have been working out with Anthony for over a year. For the past 30 years, I always thought about working out but never did anything for more than a week or two. My 21 year old son, who is a "traceur", a practitioner of Parkour, invited me to train with he and Anthony at their morning session. I thought I would go a few times, appease my son and then as in years past, just quit. Well that was 15 months ago, and I am still at it. After an initial evaluation, Anthony customized a workout routine for me; he makes it challenging and fun. He has improved my core strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. I feel better, have greater strength and flexibility which I notice in everyday activities. Every week Anthony finds new ways to "torture" me and I love it!" *

Dan Torchia
Torchia Sales and Marketing

“My family has known Anthony for several years! He is first and foremost a solid person and has achieved a lot in a short period of time. My entire family trains with Anthony and he has done a great job tailoring individual workouts for each member to attain their own specific goals. My son who plays hockey has benefited tremendously from Anthony’s workouts! My wife and I look forward to our workouts and I must say that I have never felt better. Anyone who wants the best in personal training for themselves or a family member should look no further.” *

Gary Judis

“I have always struggled with weight loss, and I have had probably 8 different personal trainers with little to no results. I think it's a motivation thing for me...so when I gained 45 lbs while pregnant, I was very worried about getting that and the additional weight off, and added to that, I had to be in my brother's wedding 3 months after having my son! Anthony has trained me since my son was 6 weeks old, and I am proud to say that my son is now 5 months old, and I have lost all of my baby weight and then some! Anthony puts all of his effort and energy into his clients, and his main goal is for them to succeed, above anything else. He is a great motivator, dedicated, and I give him my highest recommendation as a trainer.” *

Zibbi Palmer Wentz

"Having been an athlete for most of my life, working out is an important part of my physical and mental well-being. As a professional with a busy a schedule, however, it is difficult to fit it in, or so I thought. Anthony has gone out of his way to create workouts and accommodate my difficult schedule. He has helped me to meet my physical fitness goals and to have fun while doing it.” *

Megan J. Browning

"Anthony Donskov has the program to change a person for the better! After only 8 weeks of training and eating smarter, I lost 11 lbs, and 13.5 inches overall (5.5”at my waist, 4.5” at my hips~ my focus areas). He is an encourager, motivator, and caring person who takes the time to help train you to be the best person you can be. I am a 39 year old lady who thought maybe I should just realize I am always going to be the “big-boned” girl who caries more weight after having two kids. Well, that is not the case anymore! I have tighter/flatter abs, my arms and legs are showing definition, and the best part about it is I feel better than I did in college when I was training to play volleyball. Anthony’s consistent caring way of asking about diet, and pushing in the gym (with support of my bad back) is what has brought me to this point. I am excited again, about the idea of getting into the “skinny jeans” (that I wore 4 years ago) at the bottom of my closet. I can do it… with the muscle confusion, and regular exercise that Anthony has shown me is important. What I find most interesting is I am re-educating myself because all I was taught most of my life is not what I need to do to get the results I want. My new goal: “skinny jeans” by Halloween. Thanks Anthony for taking your time to make me a better me!" *

Karen Remy

"Anthony, Matt and everyone at Donskov strength and conditioning has created programs and a culture that is truly unmatched. These guys are truly determined and committed to reaching your personal goals and aspirations. It was a blessing having the opportunity to collaborate with everyone at DSC through being a intern. I got to see first hand how much the team honestly cares not just about developing the clients to the fullest, but also growing you as a coach and your knowledge of the field. It turns a internship into a family, and I am extremely grateful for the rewarding experience that the DSC family has given to me that will last a lifetime."

Luke Green-Lauber,  Otterbein University BSc. Exercise Science & Health Promotion 2019 / Football

“Interning at DSC taught me to dig deep and strive to truly understand the science behind everything that took place within the weight room. DSC’s internship program not only taught me about exercise science, but it taught me how to work with people which will be imperative for any future coaching or life endeavors. Through the combination of hands on coaching, assigned projects, and routine feedback this internship has taught me more about coaching and strength and conditioning than any class I have taken. In terms in my future career aspirations, I couldn’t imagine having a better staff to learn from or having a more beneficial summer than I did through this internship program.” 

Rebecca Freiburger,  The Ohio State University BSc. Exercise Science 2019 / Women's Ice Hockey

"First and foremost I want to thank Anthony, Matt, and Ben for one of the most influential experiences of my life. It would take much more than a couple of paragraphs to really explain what they did for me during my internship at DSC. From the moment you walk into their doors you are part of a family. While they expect a great deal from their interns and employees, you can expect just as much from them. The coaches made every experience a teaching opportunity, and assigned a curriculum that worked hand in hand with the practical experience you gain while coaching. So while I learned a system, which is the best exercise programming I've ever experienced, I was also learning the art of being a transformational coach. I was told during my interview that athletes won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I witnessed this watching the staff interact with athletes and parents, but also in the way they interacted with me. They truly cared about my development and held me to extremely high standards, and I cannot thank them enough for it. My internship at Donskov Strength and Conditioning built the foundation I needed to begin a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach." *

Connor Graham,  Bowling Green State University BSc. Exercise Science 2015

 "My time at DSC was an experience that I will never forget.  The atmosphere, the passion, the knowledge, and the experience that Anthony and Matt presented to their clientele are second to none, not to mention the elite caliber coaching they delivered on a daily basis to their clients. DSC offers you a world of resources in the form of continuing education to help further your career and passion, and they afforded to me a wealth of opportunities to grow and mature into a person who is confident and prepared to coach and teach to elites of all calibers.  DSC delivers world-class results from world-class individuals and I couldn't think of a better place to have interned at." *

Ian Wright,  The Ohio State University BSc. Exercise Science Education 2015

"I would first like to thank Anthony and Matthew Donskov for providing me the opportunity to intern with them and their fine staff. This has been an unforgettable summer and I am forever grateful for this life changing experience."

"There is a motto at Donskov Strength and Conditioning that is buzzing around: #DSCFamily. This passionate and caring family culture that is ubiquitous at DSC is a tribute to the working staff there. Anthony, Matt, Kyle, and Tony are excellent coaches who care deeply for their clientele. The internship experience is one where you earn the right to coach. Hard work, passion, and a sincere care for people are the driving factors to earning that right. This has been a truly great lesson because these character traits abound inside the walls of DSC. Not only was I provided an opportunity to experience these traits from the coaches daily, but I was also able to express my true self to aid in the maturing process of these young athletes. A coach and his or her athletes are the product of their environment, whether positive or negative. A coach sets the stage. At DSC the athletes and adult clientele thrive in this environment. The system works not only because of the proven scientific evidence, but because of this passion for excellence. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who aspires to become a COACH. You will learn how to coach and that coaching comes from the heart. The DSC Family inspires you to be great in all facets of life." *

Michael Lacasto,  University of Miami MSc. Education-Exercise Physiology (2016), University of Wisconsin BSc. Kinesiology

It’s hard to summarize the influence the short time at DSC has, and will have, on my personal and professional life. Anthony, Matt, Kyle and Tony are caring & knowledgeable people who have great passion for their field. Their ability to integrate both scientific knowledge and practical experience with this passion is what creates the unique culture at DSC. Although the time I spent at the facility was short, it was effectively structured to enable a meaningful learning process to take place. Practical experience was carefully integrated with book and peer learning, which ensured that both “WHY?”, “HOW?” and “WHEN?” were understood. If you are looking to truly start to understand the art and science of strength & conditioning and coaching, this is definitely the place to be! *

Mikhael Horowitz: Hagga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland), BSc of Sports & Leisure Management

The DSC internship introduced me to not only strength and conditioning concepts, but practical knowledge of those concepts. Anthony, Matt, Kyle, and Tony are great coaches and people who are always willing to provide guidance. These men show so much excitement and sincere passion towards everyday tasks. That attitude translates into each athlete that walks through the doors, and has fueled my fire to become a better coach, athletic trainer, scholar, and person. The DSC staff showed me how much of an impact I can have on the athletes in and out of the gym. I’ve learned a tremendous amount that I can apply to anything from athletic development to rehab. The quality experience I gained throughout the internship is unmatched. If you are looking for an internship that will challenge you in multiple aspects of coaching and life…this is it. *

Benjamin LaGard: Ball State University, BSc. Athletic Training

From the moment I walked in the doors, I knew my time at DSC was going to be special. Anthony and Matt Donskov, as well as the entire staff, permeate the room with their passion for people and knowledge within the industry. I was blown away by the culture at DSC. It is a place where people are respected and actually listened to, rather than an environment where people just wait for their turn to speak. I believe that speaks to the character and values that DSC places paramount. The extent to which I learned from the staff is incalculable. Anthony Donskov blends theory and application perfectly to create a formula for success: whether it's on the field, on the ice, on the court, or in personal relationships. At DSC, you will not be viewed as a number or statistic. You will be treated like family, while simultaneously being offered the highest quality training that exists. Whether to learn, grow or physically train, DSC is the quintessential facility for development. My tremendous experience at DSC is the basis for my high recommendation for future athletes and interns. *

Jonathon Steckel: Cedarville University, BSc. Exercise Science

My summer internship at DSC was all I had expected and more. Every day I walked in to the facility knowing I was going to have fun and learn while doing so. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Interning at DSC has helped me grow as a person... learning things that will help with school as well as outside the classroom. It also helped me direct my path for my future after college. *

Jeremy Schmidt: University of Kentucky ,BSc. Exercise Science

I can confidently say that my time as an intern at DSC was the most valuable experience I have had in the strength and conditioning field. Anthony told me the day I walked in that if I wanted my time at DSC to be “game-changer”, it could be. While the hands-on experience was priceless and crucial to my growth as a Coach, it was the personal and professional experience that I learned from Anthony, Matt, and the other Coaches that made my time at DSC special. Their passion for the success of each athlete, not only in athletics but in life as a whole, fuels and energizes every person that walks into the facility. It was this display of positivity and devotion to success that I will always remember. I’m proud to say that thanks to Anthony, Matt, the Coaches, and every athlete that I had the privilege of working with this spring, my internship at DSC was definitely a “game-changer”. *

Chris La Croix: Cedarville University, BSc. Exercise Science

"Intelligent, driven, passionate, and sincere… These are just a few characteristics of the many that describe the men of DSC, Anthony and Matt Donskov. The moment you step foot inside the facility, you are engulfed by an environment of overwhelming positivity, hard work, but most of all, success and results. Having the opportunity to intern with DSC over the summer of 2012 has completely changed my life. The amount of knowledge and practical experience I have gained by “being in the trenches” is immeasurable and has paved the way for my future success. Through their investment, Anthony and Matt Donskov have provided me with the path to achieve my personal and professional goals of being a coach and mentor. After all, a coach’s responsibility is not confined to coaching technique, but also being able to coach, teach, and lead an athlete through life inside and outside of the weight room. I would personally like to thank Anthony and Matt Donskov, fellow interns, and the athletes for not only helping me to become a better coach, but for helping me to become a better person as well. I would highly recommend the internship program at DSC to any individual who is interested in having someone invest as much into their future success as they are themselves." *

Tony Farina: The Ohio State University, BSc. Human Nutrition

"Interning at DSC was an amazing experience. The practical experience you will acquire in this internship cannot be found in any textbook or college classroom. My time under Anthony Donskov was crucial to my personal and professional development and has set me on the right path to achieving my goals. If you are passionate and willing to work, Anthony will invest in your success and do whatever he can to make you a better coach. I could not have asked for a better teacher, mentor, and friend than Anthony Donskov." *

Anthony Iannarino: University of Dayton, BSc. Exercise Physiology

"My internship at DSC was an invaluable experience. The vast array of athletes as well as responsibilities allowed me to acquire knowledge I could not have received in a typical educational setting. In addition to the strength and condition knowledge, I grew as a professional with the guidance from Anthony and Matt Donskov. They truly care about each intern as a person as well as a professional. If you invest in the opportunity they will position you for success. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Anthony and Matt and look forward to maintaining our relationships and further learning from them. I highly recommend this experience to anyone aspiring to succeed in the strength and conditioning field." *

Sean Sward: University of Dayton, BSc. Exercise Physiology

"My experience as an intern at Donskov Strength and Conditioning was more beneficial than I could have ever imagined. Anthony and Matt showed me how to be a true professional. I cannot say enough about how they have helped me in my career path and how much they taught me when I was there. Anthony is one of the best coaches out there and it was awesome that he was willing to answer any of my questions considering programming and training. Also, the athletes that we trained were some of the most dedicated and fun to work with that I've ever been around. It was very exciting to come to work everyday and watch them improve, as well as improving ourselves as coaches. I am truly greatful for my experience at Donskov Strength and Conditioning and believe that it is the best place to start a career as a strength coach." *

Mitch Therriault: University of Dayton, BSc. Exercise Physiology

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