Semi-Private Performance Training

Train in a Fun, Competitive, Results Driven Environment!

Feel Better, Look Better, Perform Better...Guaranteed! 

Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, build muscle or improve your general fitness level --- our staff and exercise protocol will keep you focused, motivated and accountable.

We offer the following adult training services:

  • Semi-Private Training: small group 1:5 coach to client ratio | Personalized programming | Groups are limited to no more than 5 participants with program components including: stretching, plyometrics, weight training, anaerobic conditioning, and accountability. These sessions are FUN and offer excellent RESULTS! Semi-Private training offers personalized programs in a group atmosphere. We will promote accountability and ensure results!
  • Group Fitness Classes: weekend Metabolic Conditioning Classes... burn calories and get your metabolism revving.  Using a variety of equipment such as TRX, Kettlebells, Ropes, Free Weights (and more) in an interval style workout. You'll have a blast and burn FAT! 

Whether you prefer to work 1 on 1 or in a small group setting, we have the answer for you!

Get started today with your free, no obligation Fitness Strategy Session!

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Before we take you through a workout, we will identify what you specifically need by performing your Fitness Strategy Session. 


Our programs produce RESULTS! DSC offers unparalleled instruction in exercise protocol, technique, application and design.


Are you ready for something different?  To attain your specific goals you will need a customized plan.  


Our metabolic group sessions are our version of a cardio workout. They burn calories and get your metabolism revving! 


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